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This fast-rising young gallery has become a destination point for curators and collectors to experience innovative work. By giving voice to new talents, the gallery intends to grow public dialogue and critical debates within the contemporary art community.

Stevenson Gallery
The Stevenson Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, which focuses on giving South African artists access to the rest of the world and has regularly debuted the work of international artists in South Africa.
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Cape Town Graffiti

Cape Town’s “urban art” includes hundreds of graffiti paintings or drawings that partly cover buildings and walls all over the city. The majority of Cape Town’s graffiti artworks deal with current issues, concerns and public sentiment – the things that matter.

Blue Striped Girl
The Blue Striped Girl
Cape Town Graffiti

Urban art with a view.

Goodman Gallery
The Goodman Gallery encourages and promotes contemporary South African art, focusing on artists from South Africa, the greater African continent, and other countries that engage in a dialogue with the African context.
Cape Bronze Statue

The bronze statue of British colonialist Cecil John Rhodes at the University of Cape Town. This has recently been a subject of great controversy, and was removed from its iconic spot at the foot of the university steps. 

ZEITZ Museum
ZEITZ Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) is the major new cultural institution housed in the Grain Silo building. Built in 1921, and at 57m tall, the Grain Silo remains an icon of the Cape Town skyline. It has become a platform for artists across Africa and houses the largest collection of African contemporary art across 9,500 sqm of space.

The V&A Waterfront is the home of four bronze statues of four men who are part of a proud moment in South African history – Nelson Mandela, F.W. De Klerk, Desmond Tutu, Albert Lutuli. Collectively they brought down a system of government that was faulty and inhumane in a peaceful manner with the minimum of bloodshed.

These men each represent a sector of the society who supported them, so in fact they stand as representatives of all the people who suffered hardships and some who lost their lives for the cause.

All four men were all recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize for their achievements.

Sea Point promenade is home to a collection of contemporary art pieces by local artists from South Africa. These pieces change quite often – visit the promenade and see for yourself! This statue is called "Perceiving Freedom".