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The Cape Cadogan is a stately double-storeyed Georgian and Victorian building that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was originally a single story Georgian farmhouse which was ‘Victorianised’ in the later part of the century. A second floor was added by the owner, Mr Heinrich Becker, in 1912 using Ernst Seelinger – a renowned architect and builder of this era.

Victorian Era, an age of grace

An age of grace

The granite garden wall still contains the original iron work from the old quarry at the top of Kloof Street, and was a wedding gift to Mr Becker. Suite 3 used to be the old wagonshed and stable, the entrance of which opened into King Street. The building was awarded national monument status in late 1984.

Cape Cadogan Old Bathroom

Typical Features of Victorian structures: 

  • Bay windows
  • Sash windows
  • Iron Railings
  • Flemish brick bonding
  • Patterns in the brickwork made from coloured bricks
  • Stained glass in doorways and windows
  • Roofs made of slate
Victorian Influence at Cape Cadogan
Relax at Cape Cadogan