More Community Trust

Our trust helps to fulfill the MORE commitment to creating opportunities for people to enrich their lives. A non-profit organisation, MORE Community Trust gives long-term, meaningful assistance to the communities in which our lodges and hotels operate, and empowers the local people.

Development projects in place are designed around three pillars, supporting:

  • Early childhood development – the most important stage during which to invest in a child’s health and education to ensure their future success, and in turn that of their communities
  • Skills development – allowing people to enter the workplace, or create their own jobs and employment for others, to move out of poverty and strengthen South Africa’s economy
  • Access to clean water – a fundamental human right and basic need, which goes a long way to preventing illness and mortality, especially among children

Each resident has a role to play. We believe that by empowering people to contribute their own efforts, projects are continued into the future, inspiring a sense of security and pride. But together we can do more, and our trust welcomes hands-on help from socially conscious guests.

Our Get Your Hands Dirty initiatives and Community Tours give you the chance to experience a different – and humbling – way of living; visit cultural and historical sites; and connect with local people. In so doing, you make your own and others’ dreams come true.

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