What we do

Through our guests we have come to know that, while structures and aesthetics are important, what they are truly after are life-affirming experiences which connect them with their families, their friends, their lovers, and themselves.

We have designed ‘out of the ordinary’ opportunities to bring people closer to Mother Nature, the greatest teacher about the only things that really matter. Whether alone in a Treehouse in the wild; floating on the water with grunting hippos and swimming elephants; hiking in a mountain gorge; watching children discover a whole new world; riding in a side-car along the Cape’s cliffs; or simple quiet rest on the bank of a river in a land as old as time … THESE are what life and its moments are all about.

We understand that no two people are the same, and our teams on the ground are focused on delivering sincere, highly personalised service where each visitor is treated as the only one.

We act with respect, and with the aim of giving back to both environment and our communities. We are so fortunate that our guests are the same.